Monday, May 11, 2009

Don't Panic-It's Only Our Lives

Pakistan Fooling The World While President Obahma Tells Jokes
Is Pakistan actually rooting out the Taliban or putting over one of the greatest cabals of all time? Some sources say they are putting on a show to garnish moremoney from the US. Is it a co-incedence that the Pakistan president is in the United States and the they attack Swat. They are causing havoc but to what end? The displacement of thousands not only causes a humanitarian nightmare but also provides a captive audience for the Taliban and their summer recruitment drive. The only way for the current situation to have any lasting effect is if the Pakistan army stays in Swat in large numbers for years.
Meanwhile back in Washington I see President Obahma had them laughing in the aisles at the press junket the other night. So much for the pretense an unbiased media, seems unlikely when they party with the subject.

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