Sunday, May 9, 2010

Everybody Pays For Banks and Governments Blunders

Watching the riots from Greece I was thinking that maybe they have a point. Why should we have to pay for  their mistakes and miscarriages of finance. Why should we pay more taxes and have less services when it was the banks and governments that made the wrong bets. The banks are making billions again yet we have to pay more and get much less, and people wonder why they are angry. What better way to have the populous under control if not massively in debt. We can just have the IMF rule the world( if they don't already), forget about your  government. What can they do when the banks say give us your money, get your debt down for the sake of future generations (So says Harper at G8 and G20). What a scam! I'm wondering why we're not rioting. Maybe when the Habs are out of the playoffs.

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