Monday, May 3, 2010

Whole Lotta Changes Going On

Like Wayne and Garth we fear change over here at New Media and Politics but none the less we are jumping headlong into the great unknown. Aside from the new look we are delving further into each story with more links and lots of video.  We've made it easier to leave comments so drop a line and tell us what you think.

I was on the subway and the passenger next to me was reading a story about the oil problem in the Gulf of Mexico. He got to the end of the story and let out a big sigh, that pretty much sums it up for me. Of course our enviro man on the scene, Karl will have a much more in-depth analysis of the situation.

Recently I've found out I'm being sued,  so if any lawyers are reading this, e-mail me at I need help, in fact we all need help, Canadians anyways. Omar Khadr is suing the Canadian government so thats you and me.  I think I'm guilty but the government is stopping the facts from coming to light, hiding my guilt from myself. As litigants in the suit I'm thinking we are deserving of the trial transcripts, should there ever be one. I for one would like to offer my apology to Mr. Khadr for the way Canada has behaved and feel quite embarrassed for what our once naive country has become. I wonder if anybody puts a Canadian flag on their backpack when travelling through Europe?  Oh what happened to that cute little country with the curly red hair that would pull on the trouser legs of the big countries when they did something wrong?  But I'm confident Mr. Harper will do the right thing, I know he always has our best interest in mind. ( even in jest I can't believe I just typed the last sentence) Time to renounce our citizenship and jump on the next boat to Nutopia.

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